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Which? How to Buy Gold

LONDON, 22 September 2018 – Today's new edition of Which? Money – the personal finance magazine from UK consumer champions Which? – names BullionVault as a simple way to invest in gold.

Also quoting data and analysis from the world-leading online platform for private investors, Which? Money says "There are several options [to] buy physical gold...[including] jewellery or as bars and coins from gold dealers.

"There are also brokers, such as BullionVault, that do the same but allow you to trade online, and will manage the vaults that keep the physical gold on your behalf."

This helps cut your costs, because the trading spread between prices when you buy and sell "are generally higher on smaller coins and gold bars" than on the larger bars you can access from 1 gram at a time using BullionVault.

You can read the full report on pages 34-35 of the October 2018 edition of Which? Money.


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