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Telegraph: Securing Your 'Safe Haven'

LONDON, 26 December 2018 – BullionVault is named today as a simple, safe way to invest in gold by leading UK broadsheet The Telegraph's online finance pages.

"Typically investors buy gold at times of market stress," says the paper's report. "[But] it does not pay an income, [so] investors are dependent on the price moving to make a real return."

Looking at gold-backed ETF trust fund structures as well as fund managers who try to pick winning investments in gold mining shares, "One other option for investors to actually buy physical gold through trading platforms where gold bullion can be bought in small quantities and is placed in a secure vault on your behalf, such as BullionVault."

You can read The Telegraph's online report here:

Expecting a turbulent 2019? Here's how to buy gold, the ultimate 'safe-haven' asset

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