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CNBC-TV18: Calmer Gold 'Good for Investors'

LONDON, 28 August 2018 – BullionVault's director of research Adrian Ash was interviewed today by India's leading financial news channel, CNBC-TV18.

Speaking to commodities host Manisha Gupta by phone from BullionVault's London office, "I expect we're going to have a bit more calm in the market now" after August's steep price drop in gold, said Adrian.

With the US Fed's rate hike due in September already priced in, plus ongoing strength in global equity markets despite the crisis in Turkey, "the hot money is going to look elsewhere," he believes, giving longer-term investors "the opportunity to buy gold as insurance for the rest of your portfolio."

Watch Adrian's full interview with CNBC TV-18 here:

Gold may not see sharp higher move


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