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Bloomberg: US Fed 'to Boost Gold Prices'

LONDON, 30 November 2018 – Comment and analysis from BullionVault is quoted today by leading global data and news providers Bloomberg.

"Higher rates are seen to weigh on bullion, which doesn't bear interest," Bloomberg explains in its report on how interest-rate decisions from the US Federal Reserve could influence gold prices in 2019.

"Yet in the two most recent US hiking cycles," it goes on – quoting BullionVault's Adrian Ash – "gold has risen even as equities climbed because the Fed lagged inflation."

That meant bank savings actually declined in real value, "making gold a more appealing store."

"By themselves, Fed rate hikes aren't always bad for gold and cuts aren't always good," says Adrian.

"Across longer periods, what the Fed does matters less to gold than why it changes policy and how the stock market reacts."

Widely syndicated to sites including MoneyWeb in South Africa and Newsmax in the United States, the Bloomberg article is here:

As Fed Rethinks Path for Rates, Gold's Poised to Jump in `19


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