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BBC World Service: Barrick's Big Move

LONDON, 24 September 2018 – The BBC World Service today interviewed BullionVault director of research Adrian Ash about news of the giant merger between gold miners Barrick and Randgold.

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Speaking to lunchtime news show World Business Report, "The problem for all gold miners is trying to find new reserves in the ground," Adrian explains, "so this is definitely about trying to consolidate and develop those resources that Randgold have in Africa."

Looking at the current low price of gold, "Gold is always worth a look as a form of insurance for other assets," he goes on, "but right now it's just off the radar for most of the large investors."

You can hear Adrian's full BBC World Service interview here (go to 11:15) or download the evening show's 1-hour podcast (and go to 22:40) here.

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