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US Global Investors: Gold Bullfighters Beware

LONDON, 7 February 2012 - Analysis from BullionVault, the world-leading service for gold investors online, is today cited at length in a widely-syndicated article by Frank Holmes, CEO and chief investment officer of US Global Investors.

Currently managing some $2 billion on behalf of private and institutional investors, US Global Investors specializes in natural resources and emerging markets. Gaining control of US Funds in 1989, and re-naming it US Global Investors in 1996, Frank Holmes has delivered 314% gains over the last 10 years to investors in his Gold & Precious Metals Fund.

"Global central banks are on a buying spree and they have been since the Fed cut interest rates in 2007," Holmes now writes in his article 'Gold Bullfighters Beware', syndicated to leading gold-news sites as well as MoneyWeb in South Africa, Forbes and Business Insider in the US, MorningStar in India and in Canada and Latin America.

Citing charts, analysis and comment from BullionVault's research team, "New programs in China [also] open the door for gold as an investment to a whole new class of people," he says, "but that's only a fraction of the tremendous demand for gold that we are seeing driven by the Love Trade, which is the strong cultural affinity the East, namely China and India, has to the precious metal."

You can read Frank Holmes' full report at US Global Investors here...

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