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The Australian: Gold Loses Its Sparkle

LONDON, 8 May 2012 - Head of research Adrian Ash at BullionVault - the online gold and silver market for private investors - is quoted today by The Australian, the biggest-selling national newspaper in Australia.

"Gold's rise during the last decade has been all about the wall of money pumped out of central banks," the newspaper quotes Adrian, speaking by phone from BullionVault's office in London. But right now, neither the Fed nor the ECB "is acting as the big liquidity pump that gold is looking for."

The story, originally published by Dow Jones Newswires, was also syndicated to the Wall Street Journal, which included further comment from Adrian noting how "The moves in the Dollar - and the impact that's having on equities, commodities and precious metals - show there's more fear than greed in pretty much all assets right now."

Subscribers to The Australian can read the whole story here, or see the Wall Street Journal's version here...

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