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The Age, Sydney Morning Herald: Asian Gold Demand Jumps

LONDON, 22 February 2012 - Analysis from the internet's #1 gold-investment provider BullionVault today features in a news-wire report carried by Australia's The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Finance Yahoo amongst many others.

Noting that record prices and stronger sales helped gold-miner Kingsgate grow its net profit in 2011, "Recent figures released by internet gold and silver bullion exchange BullionVault show demand for gold in China and India as a percentage of GDP tripling and nearly doubling respectively in the last decade," says the report from Australian Associated Press.

The same BullionVault analysis was also cited last weekend by US Global Investors' Frank Holmes, whose widely-syndicated article on 'The enduring appeal of gold' you can read at Commodities Now.

You can read the AAP story at The Age here...

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The Age, Sydney Morning Herald