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TheStreet: Default Worries Lifting Gold Demand

LONDON, 22 June 2012 - Comment and analysis from world-leading gold investment provider BullionVault today features in the latest precious-metals report from TheStreet, one of the United States' top personal finance sites.

"BullionVault has seen a 50% increase in demand over the last year," notes senior reporter at TheStreet in New York, Gregg Greenberg. "You guys are really hot at the moment - but do you think that will continue?" he asks Adrian Ash, head of research at BullionVault, in a short telephone interview from London.

"Clearly, the risk of a major credit event is driving Western investors to buy gold," Adrian replies, noting the latest downgrade to bank credit ratings.

"We saw $125 million of physical gold change hands on the BullionVault exchange last month. Our customers are now holding more than 30 tonnes of gold between them - but it's not inflation these guys are worries about so much right now. It's credit default."

You can hear Adrian's full 2m 30s interview here...

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