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MarketWatch: Gold Down on Week, Up on Day

LONDON, 8 June 2012 - Comment from world-leading gold and silver ownership service BullionVault is quoted today by MarketWatch, the US financial news-site from Dow Jones.

"Gold is always a speculation on monetary policy, but the last week's action shows leveraged traders treating it like live in-running sports gambling," said Adrian Ash, head of research at BullionVault.

"Up on nonfarm [payrolls data], back down on Bernanke - gold continues to lack direction versus the Dollar near-term, but the clear trend for Eurozone buyers is higher.

"And just like early last summer, that's where the imminent crisis is."

Asked what US president Barack Obama's latest call for Europe to act might achieve, "All Obama did today was urge action in Europe and list a couple of quick-fixes," says Adrian.

"If he'd urged the same to Washington, it might mean something."

You can read the full report at MarketWatch here...

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