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La Stampa: Italian Investors Move Gold to Switzerland

LONDON, 17 April 2012 - Italy's third best-selling national newspaper La Stampa today features comments from secure, low-cost gold and silver investment company BullionVault in an article on the booming exports of gold bullion from Italy to Switzerland.

?There has been a rise of 35.6% in the exports of gold to Switzerland? writes Luigi Grassia, financial editor at the newspaper, ?mostly due to gold bars going north.?

?Physical gold investing has risen all over the world, and especially in Europe,? La Stampa quotes Alessandra Pilloni, Italian operations executive at BullionVault.

?The demand in the Eurozone has soared since last summer. Investors don?t like the idea of keeping their savings in the bank, nor in the Euro currency.?

Listing several profiles of gold investors, La Stampa mentions that some choose BullionVault as it ?stores the gold securely for the client."

Those who are familiar with Italian can read the full La Stampa article here. Or see an English translation here...

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