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Challenges: BullionVault is "Number One"

LONDON, 26 January 2012 - French economics magazine Challenges today names BullionVault as "number one" for investors wanting to buy and own physical gold.

The weekly magazine, published by the press group Perdriel and now boasting a circulation of 285,000, lists five websites selling physical gold to French investors. Its table clearly shows the cost advantages of using BullionVault, which Challenges calls "world's number one" with "buying fees of 0.8% maximum and storage fees of 0.12%."

French investors wanting to protect their savings "have rediscovered the yellow metal," says Challenges' personal finance editor Eric Tréguier. Exploring the various forms of investments linked to gold, he says that gold-price tracker funds are a risky option because they "don't offer the advantages of physical gold ownership." A handful of mutual funds hold shares in mining companies, and "can be added to life insurance contracts." Physical gold in the form of coins and bullions "is more and more popular [but] involve higher fees."

Tréguier's advice is to choose physical gold stored in a professional vault, and held under the investor's name, rather than in trust.

You can buy the Jan. 26 edition of Challenges (#285) or subscribe to the magazine here...

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