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BBC Radio 4: The Gold Standard ? Analysis

LONDON, 2 July 2012 - Two private savers using BullionVault to buy and own physical gold today form part of BBC Radio 4's latest Analysis programme, looking at the growing calls for a return to a Gold Standard monetary system.

"Would the financial system be more stable if money was backed by gold?" asks Simon Jack, business reporter for BBC national radio's flagship news and current affairs station, which attracts a weekly audience of more than 10 million.

Modern central banks "have a very patchy record when it comes to predicting inflation," says Jack. "Maybe an insurance policy of some kind would be wise."

"This widget on my iPhone from BullionVault shows me the price of gold," says Frances, a BullionVault user living in London who has invested £40,000 in gold after selling her flat.

"I don't fear financial Armageddon, but I do fear governments, in their desperate search for wealth, constantly printing more money to deal with the debt that they have, and at the expense of people like me who have saved."

Simon Jack also interviews a second gold investor, Brian from Cheshire, who also uses BullionVault. You can hear his reasons for buying gold right at the start of the 30-minute programme on the BBC Radio Player here...

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