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FT Money: Hold on Tight as the World Catches onto Gold

LONDON, 16 July 2011 - Secure, low-cost gold ownership service BullionVault is mentioned today in Merry Somerset-Webb's much-followed column in the Financial Times' personal finance Money supplement.

"I woke up on Friday morning to a conversation about gold on Radio 4's Today programme," writes the award-winning finance journalist and author - editor-in-chief of the UK's best-selling MoneyWeek magazine.

"Usually, when you hear about gold on the BBC, the conversation is led by someone who thinks the 12-year boom is less a bull market than a ludicrous bubble. Not this time.

"Instead, the speaker was from gold website BullionVault."

Repeating BullionVault's point to Radio 4 that "default or currency debasement are the only possible ways out" of today's "unsustainable levels of sovereign debt," all that has changed to push gold to this week's new record highs is that a growing number of people "has woken up to the dangers," says Merryn.

You can read her view in full - for free - re-posted on the MoneyWeek website here...

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