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La Stampa: Gold heading to $2000

LONDON, 20 August 2011 - Italy's third largest national newspaper La Stampa today features comments from secure, low-cost gold and silver investment company BullionVault in an article on the rising price of precious metals.

"Strong demand from China and India...could make the price soar to $5,000 by 2020," writes Luigi Grassia, financial editor at the newspaper.

"Investors are fleeing from paper money and searching for hard and more secure assets," La Stampa quotes Alessandra Pilloni, Italian operations executive at BullionVault.

Albeit predominantly bullish on the long term, La Stampa recommends caution after the quick rise of the last few weeks: "Gold is an extremely volatile asset and anyone planning to invest in gold should be prepared to see a correction soon."

Italian speakers can read the the article at La Stampa here...

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