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FAZ: Gold Bar Fever

LONDON, 14 August 2011 - Leading Sunday newspaper the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAZ) today highlights BullionVault as the most cost-efficient route to gold bar ownership for German investors.

"Not all gold is equal," says the full-page feature in FAZ - currently boasting a circulation of half-a-million. "The fees can be enormous. How should you decide your choice?"

Pin-pointing "vaulted gold" as the simplest and safest option - meaning investment-grade bars held in secure facilities on the investor's behalf - a table published by FAZ compares BullionVault against German banks and several other non-bank providers.

For an investment of ?5000, BullionVault offers the stand-out value for a 12-month holding. On a 1-year investment of ?50,000 it is cheaper than the next-best offer by more than 50%, and cheaper by 57% over a decade. BullionVault cuts the costs of a 10-year position by nearly 83% compared to the worst deal shown in FAZ's table.

Subscribers to FAZ can read the full article - in German - here:

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