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Bloomberg: BullionVault Lures Most Funds Since Lehman's Collapse

LONDON, 2 August 2011 - Strong growth and near-record demand for physical gold at BullionVault, the secure, low-cost bullion ownership service, is today reported by Bloomberg, the international financial news provider.

"Gold and silver managed at the firm's vaults in London, Zurich and New York have exceeded $1 billion, while its clients increased 19 per cent since April to a record 25,000," Bloomberg News said to subscribers of its professional-investor terminals service.

"People like to know that if the end of the world happens tomorrow, they can go to a vault and that?s their gold," Bloomberg quotes Tim Levene, a managing partner at Augmentum Capital - a technology investment fund whose investments include a share in London-based BullionVault, the UK's No.1 gold investment service and the world leader online.

"There has been a big flight to physical rather than paper."

Queried by Bloomberg News, BullionVault said that July was the busiest month this year for traffic on its website. It was also the third-best month on record for clients making their first deposit, and the strongest month for inflows of client money since the banking collapse of autumn 2008.

BullionVault's news was also featured on Bloomberg's freely accessible website here...

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