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Investor's Business Daily: Time to mine gold's bubble?

LONDON, 1 June 2010 ? ? the world-leading gold trading and ownership service for private investors ? features today in a detailed report on buying gold printed in Investor's Business Daily.

The finance broadsheet notes many factors currently driving gold prices higher, including the European debt crisis and Korean saber-rattling, as well as global gold mine supply and long-term US fiscal and monetary policies.

When buying gold, "One alternative is gold coins," says ? one of the United States' 1700 most popular websites ? in its online version. "They are touted nonstop via the internet and late-night TV and radio ads.

"One key to not losing your shirt is to compare the buy price to the spot price ? London or New York's ? online or in your newspaper," the newspaper says, quoting BullionVault.

Showing how to cut your dealing commissions to the minimum, the article includes many further tips from BullionVault on how to buy gold safely and at low cost. You can read the article at Investor's Business Daily here.

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