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Media coverage of BullionVault $1500 Gold Prices

LONDON, 21 July 2010 ? Market analysis from ? the world's No.1 gold-bullion provider for private investors ? features today at, one of America's top websites for investment news and opinion.

"Gold prices are treading water," reports host Alix Steel in her video report, noting BullionVault's view that profit-taking in speculative positions has weighed on the market since the end of June.

"[But] you should expect to see a drop off in gold dealing over the summer," explains BullionVault head of research Adrian Ash, sharing his insights into global consumer demand, institutional investment trends and a likely pick-up in trading ? and gold prices ? from September.

Further ahead ? and thanks to the Western world's zero-rate monetary policy ? everyday investors are going to become long-term gold owners, Ash goes on.

You can watch's report here...

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