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Daily Telegraph: Sterling gold price hits new high

LONDON, 3 May 2010 ? Comments from ? the world-leading gold trading and ownership service, now caring for more than $720m of client gold property ? are quoted today by The Daily Telegraph, Britain's best-selling "quality" paper.

Looking at what's driven UK investors and savers to buy gold, "The latest inflation figures show that savers in bank deposits have been hammered," says Adrian Ash, speaking from BullionVault's offices in West London.

"In 1980, base rates were at 17pc and the cost of living was rising at 21pc. Just like in those bad old days, cash savers today are losing 4pc a year."

Commenting on new all-time highs in the British-Pound price of gold, Juan Carlos Artigas of the World Gold Council tells The Telegraph that "Gold's continuing upward price trend is anchored in solid fundamentals."

You can read The Telegraph's full story here.

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