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Platts: Gold against the Euro

LONDON, 5 Feb. 2010 - - the UK's top provider of physical gold to private investors - today appears on the European Metals Focus at Platts, the London-based energy and metals news and data service.

In this podcast, Ben Kilbey, editor for Platts' precious metals team, interviews Adrian Ash, head of research at BullionVault, focusing on the gold market's changing trends and patterns over the past ten years, including the launch of gold ETFs and their benefit to institutional investors, and examines the significance of the correlation between gold prices and US dollars and the Euro-Dollar cross.

"You didn't need gold in the '80s," says Ash, "because you could get 4.5% real returns on cash in the bank. You didn't need it in the '90s because you could get 20% year-after-year gains in US stocks.

"I think that, going forwards, more and more people are going to look at the broader financial markets and decide that they want to hold some physical metal instead."

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