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MarketWatch: Gold Now Reverses Course from Dollar

LONDON, 15 September 2010 ? Analysis by the secure, low-cost BullionVault gold store appears today on MarketWatch, the Wall Street Journal group's personal finance and investment news site, and one of the United States' top 200 websites by traffic.

Noting the latest Dollar-price high in gold, plus the latest 15-year lows in the US currency's exchange rate to the Japanese Yen, MarketWatch quotes BullionVault head of research Adrian Ash.

"After its longest run of positive correlation with the US Dollar index since midsummer 1991, the gold price in dollars began moving in the opposite direction to the currency's forex value [last] Friday," Ash says.

"History says to expect further Dollar-led gold action ahead."

You can read the full report at MarketWatch here...

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