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Interactive Investor: Gold tumbles into turmoil

LONDON, 5 Feb. 2010 ? With world gold prices falling hard this week, comment from world-leading gold bullion service BullionVault today features at Interactive Investor, the award-winning financial services site believes that the price of gold will once again rise, although notes that fears surrounding monetary policy could make it a volatile market.

"The Dollar has been exceptionally strong," quotes Brad Yim, a gold fund manager at independent London asset management firm Castlestone. "While people were expecting some Dollar strength in 2010, the timing has thrown the markets off.

"We expect the recent sell-off in gold prices to reverse," adds Jeffrey Currie, commodities analyst at Goldman Sachs.

"For the long-term investor, today's prices offer a great opportunity," says Adrian Ash, head of research at BullionVault ? now caring for $650 million of physical gold bullion for its clients worldwide.

"We have seen increased buying interest this week from those who were previously unwilling to buy at $1200 levels."

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