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Institutional Investor: Hedge Funds Go for Gold

LONDON, 6 August 2010 ? Professional finance journal Institutional Investor today includes private-investor gold service BullionVault in a report on how the "smart money" is buying bullion today.

"While hedge funds crave the glittery ore," II says, "pensions and endowments embrace gold exchange-traded funds."

Either way, "The consensus among some money managers is that [this summer's] price blip is short-term, and the price of gold may rise as high as $1,500 in the coming months."

Examining the case for gold ? and quoting analyst forecasts of $3000 per ounce in the next few years ? Institutional Investor notes that "in volatile times, when the Dollar is weak, the Euro is up and down, and the bears are roaring, it's not a mystery that gold investment is reassuring.

"Take it from someone who's seen wild inflation first-hand," the magazine says, introducing a Zimbabwean BullionVault user who says he uses the award-winning, world-leading site "as a long-term hedge against currency risks."

You can read Institutional Investor's full report here.

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