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The Guardian: Golden Goose

LONDON, 28 August 2010 ? World-leading gold trading and ownership service BullionVault features today in a report on the booming gold market in the Money section of the UK's left-leaning Guardian broadsheet.

"The price of gold has soared in recent years," says the paper, "but experts warn that the bubble could burst all too easily."

The Guardian then contrasts bearish comments from two spread-betting companies with bullish analysis from the Economist's Intelligence Unit and independent financial advisory BestInvest.

"The BullionVault gold store, owned by about 20,000 individuals, now looks after 21 tonnes of gold," the paper goes on ? "exceeding the central bank bullion reserves of most of the world's currency systems.

"The company only launched in April 2005, but since January 2006, the value of client gold property has risen from US$9.1m (536kg) to US$833.5m (21.043 tonnes)."

You can read The Guardian's full report here...

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