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MarketWatch: Gold prices higher as Euro rallies

LONDON, 5 May 2010 - The latest gold-market report from MarketWatch - the New York-based financial news site - quotes exclusive comments from, the world-leading gold trading and ownership service.

"The talk in London is when will the ECB [European Central Bank] start going nuclear and printing money to deal with the debt," MarketWatch learned by phone from Adrian Ash, head of research at BullionVault, today.

"Spain and Portugal don't have the money to give to Greece. There are some analysts saying the ECB is going to have to start buying government debt..."

Not likely, he adds. "Even at today's prices, selling the euro zone's entire stock of gold wouldn't cover the first ?440 billion they've pledged to each other in cross-border loan guarantees."

You can read MarketWatch's full report here.

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