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FT Deutschland: Gold Buyers Pick the Safest Investments

LONDON, 20 July 2010 ? World-leading gold ownership and trading exchange BullionVault features extensively today in a report on gold investment from FT Deutschland.

"Online gold dealer BullionVault benefits from investors looking for security," says the newspaper ? part of the Financial Times group and Germany's leading finance daily ? "because investors are interested in physical gold held securely outside the banking system."

Citing BullionVault's recent client growth, "only in February 2009 was it higher, when US stock markets crashed to a 12-year-low, and in October 2008 after US investment bankers Lehman Brothers collapsed."

The FT Deutschland quotes interviews with other leading figures from the gold bullion market, including GFMS Analytics director Rhona O'Connell, who says "There is no bubble in gold.

"A smart investor should want to hold some gold to reduce the volatility of their portfolio."

You can read the full report ? in German ? at FT Deutschland here...

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