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Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Yahoo: BullionVault launches silver dealing & ownership

LONDON, 23 March 2010 - BullionVault - the professional gold-ownership service for private investors - today launched low-cost, secure dealing and ownership of silver bullion to new users.

As reported by Bloomberg, Dow Jones Commodities and other top news sources, the world-leading gold bullion service has extended its simple online exchange to include live dealing in physical silver.

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The silver bullion, which belongs to the customer outright, is held in secure, specialist vaults in London, England. As with BullionVault's highly popular gold service, accessing the "wholesale" market this way slashes the cost to private "retail" investors.

"[People] are attracted to silver because of its historical use as a store of value in times of inflation and uncertainty, and its volatility relative to gold," Dow Jones Newswire quotes Adrian Ash, BullionVault head of research.

Customer holdings of silver have already climbed to 1.18 million ounces, reports Bloomberg News, since the new trading service for silver was launched to existing users on Jan. 30.

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Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Yahoo