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BBC Radio Four: Today

LONDON, 23 September 2010 - Low-cost gold trading and ownership service BullionVault appeared this morning on the BBC's flagship current affairs program, Today on Radio 4.

Following a recorded feature examining gold's historical use as money and an object of wealth and status, Today's business editor Adam Shaw interviewed BullionVault head of research Adrian Ash live at the BBC's White City studios.

"Starting from the bottom of a decade ago, gold has pretty much quadrupled against the Dollar, the Pound and the Euro - but that was from a very low level," said Adrian, commenting on the current record-high prices now making headlines worldwide.

"The deeper story is that the cold war of competitive currency devaluation worldwide is starting to hot up," he went, noting the growing tensions between China, Japan and the United States over the falling value of the US Dollar.

"When you've got central banks [devaluing their own money], I think you've got a very strong case for gold."

You can listen to Adam Shaw's recorded and live package about gold at the BBC here. The recorded package starts 15 minutes in. Adrian's interview starts four minutes later, broadcast live at 6:15am this morning.

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