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The Times: How to buy gold

LONDON, 28 March 2009 - Explaining "how to gain exposure to gold bullion," the Money section of The Times of London today leads with BullionVault - the UK's No.1 provider of physical metal to private investors.

Comparing the different options, "A gold ETF is linked to the value of gold and operates like a tracker fund," writes senior finance editor Mark Atherton. But these exchange-traded funds can only "be traded when the [stock] market is open."

Investment funds "can provide investors with a pretty turbulent ride," he warns, citing the five-fold rise in BlackRock World Mining Trust since 1999 but the 50% loss it's delivered "in the past 12 months."

Investors choosing BullionVault, in contrast, "own the physical metal [and] have it stored for them in the company's vaults...owning fractions of a bar right down to one gramme, which would cost about £21."

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