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The Scotsman: Gold bullion best asset bar none

LONDON, 5 January 2009 - ANALYSIS from BullionVault featured this weekend in The Scotsman, the UK's best-selling newspaper produced outside London.

Market leaders in online gold investment, BullionVault shows that shows gold bullion beating all other major asset classes for UK investors once again in 2008, rising 42.7% against the British Pound.

That record year-on-year gain beat shares (down by almost one-third), UK real estate (down a record 16%) and cash-in-the-bank (paying £46 before tax and inflation).

"The recession is depressing the stock market," says BullionVault head of research Adrian Ash - "and so 2009 continues to look good for gold, if only because it looks so bad for everything else."

You can read the full report at The Scotsman here.

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