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Investor's Chronicle: Gold ? to have or to hold?

LONDON, 21 December 2009 ? ? the world-leading gold ownership and dealing exchange for private investors ? features today in the Investor's Chronicle, the UK's longest-running personal finance magazine.

"Should you buy gold in its physical form or a financial product that's linked to it?" asks the I.C. "It's an important issue, as it could influence ? among other things ? the return you make, the risks you run and how much tax you pay."

Comparing gold coins with trust-fund structures and BullionVault, the magazine looks at taxation, gold quality, trading spreads, and ongoing storage and insurance fees.

Amongst other advantages of the fast-growing BullionVault service highlighted, "The spreads are tiny and many private customers quote prices ? so they actually earn the spread rather than pay it ? just like a market maker at the stock exchange," explains founder and CEO, Paul Tustain.

You can read the full Investor's Chronicle article here.

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