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Fox Business: Gold flying high

LONDON, 24 February 2009 - Paul Tustain, founder and director of BullionVault - the world's fastest-growing gold ownership service - appeared today on Fox Business's Money for Breakfast show.

Forecasting a long-term peak in the gold market based on the previous 1930s and 1970s cycles, "You can't force people to hold their savings in cash," Tustain said.

Now "savers are getting virtually no return on their money," he noted, "and what's driving them into gold and out of money is the fear of inflation."

Looking further head, "Gold does particularly well in inflations and it does particularly well in deflations. What it doesn't like it that stable period in the middle where you get low inflation and more or less steady and sensible interest rates, which is what we had from about 1985 to 2000."

To see Paul's full interview now - plus his long-term gold price forecast - go to Fox Business now...

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