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CityWire: Gold beats cash, property & shares over 10 years

LONDON, 6 April 2009 - Research and analysis from BullionVault - the world's leading gold investment service online - today leads a report from respected UK publishers CityWire.

Citing BullionVault data pricing gold in Sterling, CityWire says gold delivered an average gain of 15% annually since the start of 2000, accelerating since the collapse of Northern Rock to jump by 81% inside 18 months for UK investors.

Residential property, for comparison, has returned 9.1% per year, while cash ISAs paid 4.75% on a lump sum, but the FTSE 100 share index lost more than 3% annually.

Now "Almost every asset class is under assault," says Adrian Ash, head of research at BullionVault, "and confidence in the financial markets around the world has suffered.

"It is certainly not surprising that gold is again front of mind for private investors."

Andrew Garthwaite, a London strategist at Credit Suisse - the Swiss banking and wealth management giant - adds that gold also rose sharply amid the price-deflation of the Great Depression, gaining 70% in nominal terms during the early 1930s.

Heavily invested in gold since 2007, Garthwaite foresees three possible outcomes - all potentially bullish for gold - as governments either take over more private-sector debt, sparking inflation; or default on their own bloated obligations; or fail to defeat the economic downturn, leading to deflation.

You can read the full report on CityWire's website...

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