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Investors Chronicle: Grasp the metal

LONDON, 28 July 2008 - BullionVault - the professional gold-ownership service for private investors - today features in Investors Chronicle, the UK's longest-running finance magazine.

First launched as Money Market Review in 1860, the weekly magazine now reports how "everyone is scrambling to get their hands on metals these days." Then it draws a crucial distinction between industrial and monetary metals.

"When gold is seen to do well during times of crisis, it inevitably attracts negative attention from politicians, who demonise 'speculators'," the Chronicle goes on. "In 1933, the US government even confiscated gold.

"What's more, derivatives firms can experience difficulties in times of turmoil, which reduces the attractions of holding gold positions via futures or options."

But physical ownership of gold - most especially if it's held offshore - can get around both these problems. You can read the full article here...

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