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Evening Standard: Britain goes for gold to beat the crunch

LONDON, 1 November 2008 - Gold bullion has become "a financial haven" for tens of thousands of British investors, reports London's Evening Standard.

New figures show investors "pouring their money" into the precious metal via BullionVault - the professional gold-ownership service for private individuals - it goes on.

"The London-based online gold brokerage has grown 475% in the past year," reports the Standard - the UK's best-selling regional paper - "with annual turnover hitting £236 million."

"Based in Hammersmith, the service allows customers to invest as little as £20 in the commodity, and now has 40,000 British customers and another 30,000 worldwide."

The Evening Standard's detailed report includes an interview with an active BullionVault user, a 25-year-old jeweller from West Hampstead.

"I look at what's happening to the stock market and people's savings in banks and I'm glad I'm in gold," he tells the paper.

You can read the Evening Standard's report on its website here.

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