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Gold Investment Direct - Ground-Breaking Service Offers Simple Solution to French and Italian Investors

LONDON, Thur 29 Nov. - INVESTMENT BANKS across Europe have launched a rash of highly complex new products this month, targeting the bull market in gold, oil and other natural resources.

But one world-beating service is now offering a simple choice to French and Italian investors today.

BullionVault lets private individuals buy physical gold bullion at the lowest costs possible, and own it - outright - in secure vaults in your choice of New York, London or Zurich.

You can also buy and sell gold using Euros directly - a unique benefit of the BullionVault service - with zero foreign-exchange fees.

"Why make gold investment more complicated than it needs to be?" said Paul Tustain, founder and director of BullionVault, from his offices in London today.

"Buying gold should be simple," Tustain believes, adding that gold bullion offers private investors an antidote to the complexities built up during the global bubble in debt.

"Too many new gold-investment products add management risk - plus the risk of credit default - to the wealth protection that gold can offer," he says.

"Cut your gold-dealing costs to a minimum, on the other hand, and the performance of gold is all you will need worry about."

First launched at the start of 2005, BullionVault now looks after more than €94 million in gold and cash for more than 19,000 customers worldwide.

The new sites - in French and Italian - also features live online, email and telephone support in French and Italian.


BullionVault arranges gold storage in formally recognised vaults in London, New York and Zurich. It saves the customer significant dealing and holding costs by reducing the dealing spread, eliminating fabrication and delivery charges, and cutting storage and insurance fees to just 0.12% per year.

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