Why is the Daily Audit delayed?

We're sorry for the delay in posting the Daily Audit. This is due to last week's movement of Zurich silver from Brink's to Loomis.

Weighing almost 305 tonnes, that silver took several days to transfer. Since then, Loomis have been inspecting each of the 10,127 Good Delivery bars now in their custody. This work will take a couple more days to complete.

We expect to receive the Zurich silver Bar List on Wednesday, 17 October. BullionVault can then run and publish the full Daily Audit as normal.

In the meantime, Loomis have confirmed receipt of Zurich silver as you can read in this letter. For all other metal in all other locations, the Bar Lists remain unchanged from the audit of Wednesday 3 October, except for platinum (at Loomis in London), to which 6 bars weighing 920.468 troy oz (28.629kg) have been added.

Please contact our Client Services team if you have any questions.