Public Holiday Notice- Christmas

Over the festive season BullionVault continues to trade 24x7. The office will be closed for three UK Bank Holidays, as well as weekends. See table below for details.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and a safe New Year.

Date Event Bank transfers Customer support Online trading
Sunday 24th Christmas Eve Closed Open 24 hours
Monday 25th  Christmas Day Closed Open 24 hours
Tuesday 26th Boxing Day Closed Open 24 hours
Wednesday 27th    Normal Open 24 hours
Thursday 28th   Normal Open 24 hours
Friday 29th   Normal Open 24 hours
Saturday 30th   Closed Open 24 hours
Sunday 31st New Year's Eve  Closed Open 24 hours
Monday 1st January 2018  New Year's Day Closed Open 24 hours
Tuesday 2nd   Normal Open 24 hours


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