Buy Platinum Commission-Free in September 2018

Use BullionVault to buy platinum in September 2018 and we will rebate ALL the platinum buy commission you pay, irrespective of how much platinum you purchase.

Any buy commission you pay for platinum this month will be rebated at the start of October 2018.

You will still be charged commission on any platinum you sell, and you must also pay your storage and insurance costs (0.04% per month, minimum US$8 or equivalent).

You may find our cost calculator useful to illustrate the costs of buying, storing and selling precious metals. The calculator has been updated to reflect September's platinum purchase-fee rebate.

To transfer funds to your BullionVault account follow these deposit instructions. Visit our live order board to see the prices at which you can buy platinum instantly (saving the usual 0.5% fee). Or use the Daily Price function to buy platinum at the benchmark rate set in London (saving the 0.5% fee for US Dollar users, or 0.8% for customers buying with British Pounds, Euros or Japanese Yen).

Terms & Conditions of this offer

This promotion is brought to you in partnership with The World Platinum Investment Council. It refers to platinum buy commission fees only. You acknowledge that BullionVault's standard terms and conditions apply.

To receive a rebate of your platinum purchase fees under this offer, you must:

  • Be a BullionVault user;
  • Be able to login to your account;
  • Purchase 1 gram or more of platinum in September 2018;
  • The promotional period for this offer is from 00:00 on 01 September 2018 to 23:59 on 30 September 2018 UTC;
  • Orders placed but not executed in September will not be eligible (except for Daily Price orders booked for Friday 28 Sept, which will be executed on Monday 01 October 2018).

Should you buy platinum using BullionVault in September 2018, your cash balance will be charged the usual buy commission at the moment your order is executed. Those purchase fees will then be rebated to your account prior to your September account statement being sent at the start of October.

On expiry of the promotional period all subsequent platinum commission fees will revert to the prevailing Tariff.

We reserve the right to withdraw or amend any promotion, at any time, without notice. Anyone abusing this promotional offer will not be eligible for any rebate under its terms.

Referrers will continue to receive their full share of referral commissions at their usual rates during the promotional period.

For any queries, please contact

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