VAT-free palladium now available

You can now trade physical palladium on BullionVault

As with gold, silver and platinum, this will cut your costs dramatically compared to buying small bars or coins.

There is also no VAT or sales tax to pay, provided that you keep your bullion inside the vault.

You can see live palladium prices, and start buying now, by logging into your account.

BullionVault doesn't give advice, and we cannot say if investing in palladium is right for you.

This rare precious metal is primarily used in autocatalysts to reduce harmful emissions from gasoline engines.

After rising 4-fold in the decade to 2021, palladium prices retreated sharply, falling for the first year since 2015. But the metal has been rallying in 2022 so far amid speculation that supplies from Russia, the No.1 miner, could be disrupted by tensions with Nato, the US and EU over Ukraine.

Starting from as little as 1 gram, the palladium you buy on BullionVault takes the form of London Good Delivery bars, stored and insured inside the London vaults of independent specialists Malca Amit.

Dealing commission starts at 0.5% on the live order board, and falls quickly on larger sums.

Storage with insurance included runs to 0.04% per month, with a minimum $8 (currently around £6 or €7).

Palladium is also now available through the Daily Price function, letting you buy or sell at the globally-recognized benchmark set in the London market.

If you have any questions about how to fund your account or start investing in palladium, please contact our multilingual customer service team using the methods listed below.