Outcome of recent formal complaint

In keeping with BullionVault's complaints policy, the following is the outcome of a recent formal complaint, the first in the company's history.  
A council of 6 BullionVault customers, independent of the Company and its Directors, volunteered to participate. The customers responded to an email sent to a number of customers who live within general proximity to BullionVault's office and who, by their account size and longevity of account, are reasonably expected to have a good understanding of the BullionVault platform and processes. 

The Formal Complaint Council was held at BullionVault's office on 17 April, 2018. Under non-disclosure agreements and with permission of the complainant, the Council reviewed and discussed both the complainant and company's statements and correspondence. The Council's findings are stated below:

"As foreman for the Council, I would like to relay our thoughts about the complaint by [NAME WITHHELD], following our arbitration meeting today.
"Decision: We find that BullionVault has acted fairly and reasonably with the complainant."

The Council offered other recommendations and suggested next steps which the company is considering.