Service outage 21 May 2020

Our website was unavailable for 8 hours 12 minutes on Thursday 21 May. This was due to a hardware failure at our data-centre provider – the secure third-party facility we use to host the main set of BullionVault servers and to connect our service to the internet.

While our I.T. team quickly identified the problem and worked urgently to fix it, configuring a solution took longer than we originally expected. We're very sorry for any inconvenience and worry this may have caused you.
Because this was a hardware issue, it was not the result of any attempted hack. All data was secure, and it remains so now. Trading halted when the problem began, because no new orders could be placed and so open orders could not be matched. They remain open now, or have been matched since we brought our service back online at 19:20 UK time on Thursday evening (20:20 CEST, 14:20 EDT).

This outage, plus all other unscheduled and planned maintenance since May 2017, puts BullionVault's uptime over the last 3 years at 99.9%. While that is materially better than most comparable dealing platforms, and while our I.T. team continue striving to improve it further, you will understand that no system can guarantee 100% uptime to its users.