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Thousands of people around the world now use BullionVault to buy gold and silver. It tends to appeal to cautious investors - people who want to protect their money from the worst effects of inflation, currency devaluation, or the risk of banking collapse, but who also want best value, cutting out unnecessary expenses, plus full control of when and how much they trade.

BullionVault users are typically private individuals, married couples or retirement savers wanting to invest $2,000 or more (£1,500) as cheaply and safely as possible in gold or silver. The average holding is around $15,000 (£10,000), but many larger investors also find BullionVault to be safe and cost effective, especially compared to private bank products. Other customers include small investment funds, charitable trusts and company finance directors. Managing their bullion holdings online is quick, secure and convenient.

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The following case studies provide an insight into the BullionVault customer experience and motivation for buying gold.

Ian, a retired GP in his seventies, has understood for many years the value of gold as a store of wealth in times of crisis. But only since the advent of BullionVault has he been able to invest directly in gold bullion. He fully admits he has no idea of what will happen in the future, but feels secure that this portion of his savings are better protected than if they were held in paper currency or as credit, owed to him by a bank.

Scottish BullionVault user Iain, now in his mid-forties and with a background in IT security, wanted to buy a kilogram of gold (32 ounces) rather than leave his cash in a savings account earning little to no interest. He sees his gold bullion as a long-term investment, and is less concerned with short dips in price.

Keen motorcyclist Dave, a married company director living in the West Midlands, chose to use BullionVault for its ease and simplicity. Like other customers wanting to buy gold, he found little opportunity cost in the move, because the interest he was receiving on cash in the bank was negligible.

Retired accountant John from Suffolk is a more active trader on BullionVault. He takes profits as the price rises, then buys back again when the price dips. John has been interested in gold since 1999, when Gordon Brown sold half the UK's gold reserves. He began using BullionVault to purchase gold in 2008.

A loss of confidence in the UK's banking system, rejection of the stock market and fear of keeping gold or cash at home led Clark, a former antiques dealer in London, to use BullionVault as a secure and reliable store for his savings.

Fearing a UK house-price crash, David and Maureen sold their home in 2004 and invested the entire proceeds in gold using BullionVault. Despite the recent downturn in the gold price, their investment has still significantly outpaced property prices.

BullionVault user Michael, an insurance consultant, wanted greater control over his pension savings. Working with his SIPP provider to find low-cost pension investments, he chose BullionVault for his gold holdings because of the flexibility it gives him to buy and sell as he wants.

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