World markets are now closed.
BullionVault remains open, at reduced depth.

Please enter your order in troy ounces. It will be converted into kilograms (kg) before being placed.

All orders are placed in kilograms and your bullion balance is quoted in kilograms.

(1 troy ounce = approx 0.031kg)

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What is the order board?

The Market order board shows all the orders submitted by other BullionVault users to buy and sell right now. All these orders are firm and are for physical bullion which is already stored safely inside the vault.

The prices for you to buy or to sell are listed on opposite sides, along with the weight of bullion available at that price. The coloured buttons show the best available prices. The prices become less competitive as you move from the centre.

You can see the prices update every few seconds as new bids and offers are made, and deals are struck.

To buy or sell at the best current price, login and click on the coloured button (yellow to buy gold, grey to buy silver, green to sell). Alternatively enter your own price in the order panel on the right when logged in. Your order will then appear in the market until matched by another user or you cancel it.

What are the Market spreads?

The Market spreads page shows the current best price to buy and to sell in each vault. It allows you to compare prices in the different vaults at a single glance.

The more competitive locations have narrower gaps between the best price to buy and the best price to sell. This difference is called the market spread.

On BullionVault you can set you own price inside the current spread. So your order is now the best price in the market. It will complete when another user chooses to match it.

Remember, you can buy bullion in any location, but you can only sell gold or silver in the location(s) in which you already own it. Similarly, you can sell your gold or silver for Dollars, Pounds or Euros, but you can only buy it with a currency already in your account.

What is the Market depth?

This view of BullionVault’s live markets shows how much bullion or cash is available within various price points. It is particularly useful if you want to place an order which is larger than the amount available at the best price.

Using the market depth you can see how, by raising the price you are willing to pay, you will be able to satisfy the offers of more prospective sellers and so buy more bullion from them.

Similarly, you can sell more gold or silver if you offer to sell at a price lower than the best currently available.

How do orders at the daily price work?

Ordering at the daily price is an easy way to buy and sell. Tell us how much you want to trade and we'll do the rest for you.

The price is set on UK working weekdays by auction between the major bullion banks, known as the London Fix. They announce the price just after 3pm London time for gold (mid-day for silver). We'll process your orders shortly after their announcement.

Place your order by 2.45pm for gold, 11.45am for silver.

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