MoneyWeek: Paul Tustain's Tips for Success

LONDON, 8 January 2016 – BullionVault founder and CEO Paul Tustain is today profiled on the entrepreneur page of MoneyWeek, the UK's best-selling personal finance magazine.

"Sometimes the best ideas for a business come from a problem that the founder has faced themselves," says MoneyWeek. And when Paul tried to buy physical gold for his own investment portfolio, "he found it very difficult."

"People think that being an entrepreneur is all about coming up with a new idea," MoneyWeek quotes Paul. But "most entrepreneurship is taking an established industry and reworking the internal processes."

Alongside BullionVault – voted the UK's best bullion dealer by MoneyWeek readers, and now caring for more gold than most central banks, as today's edition notes – Paul has now launched a new venture, WhiskyInvestDirect. This enables ordinary investors, for the first time, "to invest in Scotch whisky as it matures in the barrel, buying a share of industrial-sized quantities rather than the small casks typical of hobbyists."

On Paul's analysis, MoneyWeek says, "investors should expect to make around 6%-8% a year after costs and inflation."

And his key tip for succeeding as an entrepreneur? Keep your personal costs to a minimum in the early days, so you don't need to rely on a salary.

MoneyWeek subscribers can read the full profile on page 31 of the 8th January edition. Or read it online here:

"You don't need a new idea to succeed"