Free Platinum Storage & Insurance Offer

You are eligible for cost-free storage & insurance in January 2018, up to a value of $8, when you add 30 grams or more of platinum to your BullionVault holdings in that month and keep it until at least the start of February.

To benefit from this limited offer to rebate your platinum storage fees, you need to:

  • Buy a net 30 grams of platinum or more in the qualifying month;
  • Be holding those 30 extra grams at midnight on 1st February;
  • Pay your storage and insurance costs.

Review the full tariff here. Your maximum dealing commission on platinum is 0.5% to buy or to sell on BullionVault's live Order Board.

To transfer funds to your BullionVault account follow the deposit instructions.

Visit our live order board to see the prices at which you can instantly buy or sell platinum.

Terms & Conditions of This Offer

This promotion refers to storage & insurance fees only. You acknowledge that BullionVault's standard terms and conditions apply.

To receive any storage & insurance cost-free under this offer, you must:

  • Be a BullionVault user;
  • Be able to login to your account;
  • Purchase an additional 30 grams or more of platinum in January 2018 and be one of the first 500 users to do so in that month;
  • Hold at least 30 grams more at midnight on 1st February than you held at the start of January (midnight on New Year's Day).

We will email users who have qualified for this January 2018 platinum offer will be sent email confirmation at the start of February.

On expiry of this promotion your storage and insurance costs will revert to the prevailing Tariff.

For the promotional month in which your account qualifies, your cash balance will either be charged and then rebated $8 per month, or it will be credited with $8 against your storage & insurance fees. If your storage & insurance fees are higher than $8 in your qualifying month, you will be charged the difference.

We reserve the right to withdraw or amend any promotion, at any time, without notice. Anyone abusing this promotional offer will not be eligible for any rebate or credit under its terms.

We will update this page to say that the current month's offer is closed once 500 users have qualified for it.

For any queries, please contact