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BullionVault: Referrer's Marketing Archive

  Conditions of Use
  Full Disclosure
  Creating Your Links

1. Conditions of Use

Looking to promote BullionVault to your own website readers, visitors or email lists in return for a split of commission income?

Contact us to get the latest marketing copy to help you promote BullionVault to your users. There are two conditions of use.

i) Copyright

All material offered for your use remains copyright of BullionVault/Galmarley Ltd. By reproducing it in any way — whether by email, website, print or any other medium, and including substantive amendments — you hereby agree to use this material solely for promoting BullionVault alone.

ii) Spamming

BullionVault will not tolerate any abuse in its name of international "anti-spam" regulations. Infringement will result in the loss of all referral income, howsoever generated. In promoting BullionVault by email, you hereby accept liability for ensuring your lists are up-to-date, "opt in" only, and fully compliant with your local data protection legislation.

2. Full Disclosure

It's only fair you also make full disclosure of the fact you will earn money if your reader funds his/her account at BullionVault and starts to buy and sell gold. Clearly stating your incentivisation is very much in your interests, as non-disclosure could potentially result in legal action by your reader.

3. Creating Your Links

Create your own unique referral link using your own BullionVault username. You may want to open a separate account to protect your privacy, and create a username based more closely on your website's name or URL address.

Then use this link to direct your readers and visitors to BullionVault.

The vast bulk of our inbound links point to the Homepage. This gives new visitors chance to explore the site for themselves.


This diverts immediately to the BullionVault front page after storing the referrer's details.

Gold Price Chart

4. Contact

BullionVault's dedicated referral team is here to help you with any queries or creative/content requests. You can contact the referral team at or call us on +44 (0)208 846 3802.

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