BullionVault operates globally, but you will see it operating as if in your own time-zone.

Your time and time-zone is visible in the black stripe on the order board screens. Our servers operate on GMT - which is London time - and this is the time you will see when you are not logged in.

You set your time-zone in your account settings screen. When you are logged in our web-servers adjust displayed time to your time-zone for you. When you send us an order it is time-stamped along with everyone else's in GMT. Then, when we send you output - like a view of the order's screen, or your statement - the GMT timestamp that we store is re-cast into the time-zone of your account settings.

If you travel you can choose either to leave your account displaying your home time-zone, or to adjust it by re-setting your time-zone temporarily through your account settings.

Time-zones really matter when you place 'Until Date' orders on the order board. The system will interpret your order according to the system's record of your time-zone. If you're in a different time-zone it will result in your order being cancelled at the wrong time.

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